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Valley Business Connector Overview

What is Valley Business Connector?

Valley Business Connector is a poster publication distributed to businesses in the local area.
Our focus is to bring attention to local small businesses in the area to
increase sales and business connections for that business. Recently founded by
local Merced business King Signs & Graphics, future plans are for a
networking group and website among other things. We believe that the lifeblood
of local businesses are local vendors and customers in the immediate area.
Making local business as visible as possible to local prospects is our chief focus.

What Can Valley Business Connector Do For Me?

The first step to enlightenment is knowledge. We believe that by first and foremost giving
prospective clients the knowledge of the existence and benefits of the business
is the most important factor. How can potential clients contact you if they do
not even know your business exists? We deliver your message straight to

potential clients and their customer base with our 24″x36″ Business
Connector posters. Distributed Quarterly in local business districts, your
advertising will reach customers in many different local areas and businesses.

What Local Areas Will My Advertising Reach?

We plan to publish business connectors in every city in the central valley and businesses can
advertise across multiple cities. Merced, Atwater, Los Banos, Turlock &
Modesto are potential areas you may advertise. Each publication run will reach
100’s of local businesses and 1000’s of potential customers.

How Much Does This Cost?

Business Card Ads start at $75             Postcard Size $150            Headliner 6″x12″ $250

How Do I Sign Up?

Call King Signs & Graphics 888-726-4845 or 209-726-4845


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